Our Training

Real Estate Sales
Real Estate Sales

In this training program your VA learns how to understand the entire Sales process from the appointment to settled.
  • How and why people sell?
  • How an agent charges
  • What task they will perform
  • Real Estate Terms
  • How to support an agent

Property Management
Property Management 101

Learn the basics of Property Management so you will have an understanding of why you are doing what.
  • What is an investment property?
  • The role of a Property Manager
  • Property management flow
  • Terms they need to know
  • Task that a VA will complete

Advanced Property Marketing
Advanced Property Marketing 007

Learn how to market a property like a secret agent meaning these are secret tips that will sell more and win more business.
  • Just Listed Leveraging
  • Virtual Tours
  • Video Editing
  • Facebook Business
  • The ChatBot lead funnel

Industry Training

What is the iiIPMA?

  • Our ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy® (iiIPMA) explains the 'how' and 'why' of property management. Relevant regardless of where you are located in the world, the iiIPMA teaches every property management task’s objectives, outcomes, task flow and timelines. The interactive online learning environment allows your Purple Powered VAs and in-house property management team to gain the expert knowledge and know-how they need to help your business become the ‘Agency By Choice’.
  • Practical training for all property management professionals
    Our training is a must-do for all property management professionals who want to learn the ‘practical side of property management’. Your Purple Powered VAs and entire in-house property management team, including yourself as the Business Leader, can upskill through the iiIPMA. Being 100% online and available 24/7, you can complete the training anytime and anywhere.
purple power VA

Our training methodology

Real Estate VA Training

We have developed our own training which has been created to give your VA’s a complete understanding of how Real Estate works before they start working. We have a theory and it is that we are not actually specialised trainers, we are a service provider. We provide highly talented people that you can have work directly for your business.

We allow trainers to stick to training, so we are open to you creating your own training course. If you are an industry expert and would like to make some extra money training VA’s that will work for your clients, please feel free to reach out to us.

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