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We provide offshore staffing solutions for the Real Estate Industry

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We provide offshore staffing solutions for the Real Estate Industry

In the modern business world you need to stay competitive. To do this, you need to take more of a global approach and get the best global value for your business in every area. Our company provides a talented Filipino workforce that can be plugged straight into your business to help you scale and reduce overhead expenses. If you need one staff or 50 staff, we have the space and facility to accommodate your offshore team. We are 100% dedicated to the Real Estate Industry so that means we are specialised and that we know your business!

Peter Forbes

ShoreAgents certainly helped me get my business into that mode of working with some outsourced workers and helping me to work on the go.

Tash Poole

The whole Outsourcing process at ShoreAgents has been amazing—starting from recruitment to processing, onboarding, HR, and everything in between.

Steve Lovegrove

Outsourcing will change the dynamic of your business and certainly make you way more competitive in this very demanding market.

Christel Renton

ShoreAgents has been a great support in terms of training and setting us up on new systems, getting processes in place to make our outsourcing most effective.

Kevin Turner

ShoreAgents introduced us to systems and processes that have enabled us to streamline procedures that are checked off and completed almost without supervision. These are the great benefits that ShoreAgents has been able to offer us.

Levi Turner

We've had almost a 25% increase in volume of appraisal listings and sales. I could not recommend ShoreAgents more highly enough to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how you work.

Jason Gard

The support from Stephen and the team has been sensational. Outsourcing allowed me to streamline what I do, particularly with my back office. This has allowed me time back so I can focus on what I do best.

Peter Forbes

1Property Centre

Tash Poole

Steve Lovegrove

Professionals McDowell Real Estate

Christel Renton

Mi Property
kevin turner

Kevin Turner

Real Estate Talk / Real Estate Uncut

Levi Turner

Bellarine Property
Jason Gard

Jason Gard

Jason Gard Real Estate

Who we work with

We work with the entire industry in all of the real estate sectors covering every timezone!

Real Estate Business

Do you own a Real Estate Agency and want to tap into our talented team? We can support your business in the area of sales admin, property management, accounting, and marketing.
Real Estate Business

Real Estate Software

Building and maintaining software can get very expensive. We have serious software talent at a low cost, not only that, we also have experienced customer service reps to manage inbound inquiry.
Real Estate Software

Real Estate Marketing

Property Marketing is a huge part of Real Estate. Photos, videos, floorplans, and much more. Shooting is the fun part, but then your time is spent in the wrong areas. Our team can now help get you on track.
Real Estate Marketing

Property Development

There is so much work that comes with every property development. We have building designers, architects, and more at a far lower expense than what you would pay locally.
Property Development

The Offshore 101 Show with the Director of ShoreAgents featured on PropertyTV. Stay up to date with all things Offshoring in this informative cutting edge show.

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Are you paying $50-$70 an hour for your Real Estate Bookkeeper? Try ours for as low as $15/hour.
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Do you need a personal assistant or maybe you just need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to boost productivity?
We have VA's that can produce buyer, seller and landlord leads! I want more business said everybody!
Do you need help with your Real Estate Social Media? Our VA's can take care of your socail pages for you!
Entering data is not the best way to spend your time! Take advantage of our Real Estate Data Entry Services!
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What is a Real Estate Podcast? It is really just a series of audio files delivered by influences!
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Do you have a Real Estate Coach? All good athletes have a coach, so what do you not in business?
A Real Estate Mentor can help you take your career to the next level! Learn off the best to be the best!
Real Estate Negotiation is the key to winning the listing! If you can demonstrate this skill you will be the first pick!
Real Estate Photography is not what it used to be! The game has changed and it is done very differently from before

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