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How Our Recruitment Works

Book an Initial Consultation

Start your journey with a personalized meeting. Our success team will dive deep into your business needs, operational challenges, and objectives to craft a unique strategy tailored just for you.

Talent Scouting & Linking

Candidates are sourced using over 10 methods including job sites, advertisements, social media, referrals, and an extensive database of more than 25,000 potential candidates. Each candidate will undergo thorough vetting to guarantee they meet your unique business requirements.

Interview Shortlisted Candidates

Engage in interviews with shortlisted candidates to find your perfect match. Our success team will assist you with all aspects of finalizing your choice to ensure a seamless selection process.

Onboarding & Integration

A structured onboarding process will ensure that your new team members are fully aligned with your business culture and operational procedures. We provide ongoing support to integrate them smoothly into your workflows.

Constant Guidance & Support

To ensure that your team members are in tune with your business's growth, regular check-ins and performance monitoring are implemented. We also implement measures to maintain high service standards and encourage client feedback to continually improve our processes.

Staff Management Process at ShoreAgents

Access to Resources

All team members will have access to digital and analog resources to successfully achieve specific duties.

Tools and Equipment

ShoreAgents ensures that every team member has all the necessary tools for work.

Effective Communication

ShoreAgents encourages staff to communicate openly with clients to ensure that work is done efficiently.

ShoreAgents Standard Support Services

Offshore Team Essentials with ShoreAgents Services

Learn about the essential plans you need to execute for your offshore team members.

Designate Tasks

Designate Tasks

Clearly define the duties and responsibilities of your remote workers to successfully meet your business goals.

Conduct Staff Training

Conduct Staff Training

Appoint an experienced trainer in your organization who can properly coach your remote team members.

Manage KPI's

Manage KPI's

It's highly recommended to develop and observe key performance indicators (KPIs) to verify the performance of your remote workers.

Build Your Dream Team According to Business Goals

At ShoreAgents, we help businesses of all sizes grow while reducing overhead costs. Hire one agent, build a team, or create a workforce to perfectly align with your business needs.

How it Works - One Agent

One Agent

For small or new outsourcing businesses, start with one agent for growth and future team expansion.


Expand your growing business by building a team, and supporting single or multiple business lines effectively.

How it Works - Team