Outsourcing Property Management Services

Outsourcing Property Management

A Necessity For Work

Managing a property can be a challenge. You have many clients who have different attitudes and needs. You might struggle on occasion in trying to manage all those people. You don’t have to go at it alone. You can ask us at ShoreAgents for assistance with your work needs. We would be more than happy to assist you with all the special property management needs you hold.

We at ShoreAgents have seen many things when it comes to property management tasks. We understand that it can be tough to try and handle all of those people who live in the same property area. But we are open to assist you with whatever concerns you might have surrounding how well you can manage your property.

You can outsource your work needs to us. We’ll check on the applications you put in and ensure the content you follow works well. Our goal is to see that your property has the tenants you are looking to have around.

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A Thorough Solution

Our work at ShoreAgents is all about giving you the help you need for your property management demands. Outsourcing property management services has never been easier to do thanks to what we offer.

We provide a full outsourced staff in the Philippines that will help you in handling the management tasks you might hold. We have a staff that is different from what you might expect from other outsourcing agencies:

Property Management Services

Our outsourced employees in the Philippines are full-time workers who operate in a dedicated office setting. They work during your hours and provide you with the expertise necessary for your tasks.

Our employees received thorough training to ensure they can manage your work. The effort includes continuing education to help everyone stay on top with the latest terms and rules in the property management field.

You can also choose which of our workers you want to interview and hire. You have full control over the outsourcing experience.

The work all comes with lower expenses. The overhead costs are virtually eliminated, not to mention the work is more affordable. You don’t have to spend all day going through many candidates for the work at hand. We at ShoreAgents have organized the hiring process to ensure you’ll get the help you need the first time around.

We call out agents at ShoreAgents “Super Agents” for a reason. Our workers are capable of supporting people around the world, from westerners to people in the Asia Pacific region. They also work with proper time and task management functions to ensure everything moves well. Everyone also has full training to work with various processes and automation tactics.

Do you have a proprietary software program that you have customized and made available for your business? Let us know what you use. Send us a copy of your program, and we’ll have our employees review how it works. Some of these solutions are more efficient than some of the more mainstream programs you can find.

Let us know about whatever plans you have for work. You can send us as much information on your properties and your situation as necessary. We’ll see that it’s not hard for you to get more out of your work plans.

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Our workers are also more appropriate to have around than traditional freelancers. The problem with freelance employees is that they might have outlandish salary demands. Some of them might also not be available when you need them the most. It might be tough to get in touch with some of them on occasion. But we at ShoreAgents only hire full-time workers in our offices who will care for the needs you have. The fact that we’ve got all the resources and materials they need for the task at hand also helps.

We’re Here For All Properties

Property management is a unique practice that requires plenty of effort. What properties are you trying to manage? Maybe you’ve got an apartment building, a few detached or terraced houses, or some condo units. You might run a shopping center or other space with plenty of tenants who pay you to rent out spaces.

Whatever the case is, there’s a reason you’re working as a property management expert. A property owner might need someone who can assist in dealing with tenants. Maybe an owner is less interested in owning the property and more in getting profits.

Regardless of why you’re working as a property manager, you know you’ll have many things on your plate. You can request our services at ShoreAgents when you need help in outsourcing property management services.

Give Yourself More Time

You can provide yourself additional time for managing all your work needs when outsourcing property management services. We’ll give you the time you deserve to manage other tasks in your workplace.

Outsourcing offers the opportunity to manage tasks without delay. You can handle more of the things in your business that you wish to concentrate on. Outsourcing is also ideal if you struggle with certain aspects of your property management business. We’ll let our experts work on some of the more complicated or frustrating things that you might need assistance in managing.

Outsourcing is also great for when you’re trying to concentrate on things that you might hold dear to your property. You might be busy with things like renovations or with expanding a space, for example. We’ll work with you to give you more time to manage those things and whatever else you want to manage.

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What Do We Offer?

We provide many property management services here at ShoreAgents. Our “Super Agents” are available to assist you with everything your company needs, including the following points:

Managing Arrears

Arrears can be hard to collect. It’s never easy to get your tenants to pay what they owe, and it’s even harder to keep them to a schedule for when they should be paying for things. But we at ShoreAgents will help you in managing your arrears.

Our arrears management effort can include helping to send messages to your clients surrounding what they owe. The work entails encouraging payment plans to ensure they become active on their payments once more. Our arrears management service sees your business will collect the money that you deserve.

Lease Support

You can also ask us about managing leasing efforts for your clients. We can work on tasks like these:

  • We can produce a template for a contract or other point surrounding leases for each client.
  • Lease renewal contracts are available for use. These include contracts involving restoring one’s current contract or agreeing to an extension to an existing point.
  • We can time lease renewal contacts based on when existing contracts expire. We can help in negotiating renewals within a few days of a lease ending.
Producing Listings

The last thing you need out of your property is to have some empty spaces. You’ll lose money if you have lots of vacancies.

The best way to fill those vacancies is to promote them to possible renters. You have to let people know about any apartment rooms, storefronts, or other places that are available for them to utilize.

We at ShoreAgents will help you in listing your properties online. We can plan listings that include details on everything surrounding your property. These include:

  • Images of the space you’re are making available
  • How much it would cost to rent the area
  • General features of the region, including the types of rooms
  • Technical points, including the square footage and clearances around the property

You can share images and other details of your spaces with us. We’ll craft the best listings that let people know what they can expect from what you are offering.

You can ask us about posting details on properties when they become vacant, or when you introduce new ones that people have yet to occupy. Our team will take care of all the hard work and manage whatever tasks you might need assistance in covering.

Set Appointments

You’re going to need to get appointments with people who might be interested in renting a property. You can ask us at ShoreAgents to help you in setting appointments. Let us know the times you have for meeting with people, and we’ll find ways to get your meetings ready. We will remind you of when these will take place.

We understand that you would probably prefer to communicate with these people yourself when their appointments come up. We’ll let you get in direct contact with those prospective renters. We’ll be responsible for planning when the appointments take place. You’ll have more control over how each meeting works and what you can get out of your conferences with those people.


You might not have enough time to care for the bookkeeping part of the task yourself. But that’s perfectly fine, as you can work with us at ShoreAgents to outsource your property management bookkeeping needs.

We at ShoreAgents will check on all the financial things that come with managing your property. These include things like:

  • Checking on expenses your workplace has to manage
  • Reviewing the arrears that people owe
  • Noting any utility charges and other things that your property needs

Bookkeeping can be a misleading and hard to figure out process. But our work at Shore Agents will see that you have full control over your finances. We can check on your expenses and incomes and figure out how well these parts of your business operations can work. We guarantee that our work will be accurate and will reflect appropriately upon whatever the finances in your property appear to feature.

Managing Vacates

You can’t expect everyone in your property to stick around forever. You’ll need to manage vacates, or times when a tenant leaves. But the communication and other efforts involved can be confusing. It is also challenging to finalize the finances and ensure everything is paid for before the tenant’s final departure.

We at ShoreAgents can check on the vacates at your property and facilitate all the paperwork and communication. Our staff members will communicate details to leaving tenants. The goal is to see that each person is prepared for the overall vacate effort.

Gathering Applications

The people who do fill in your empty spaces will need to apply for whatever openings come along. We can help you in gathering the applications necessary for getting people inside. Our offshore employees will check on whatever applications people submit. All the information will be verified and confirmed to ensure the content flows well.

Our work will collect the data from your applicants. The work will ensure a person has to funds to afford rent for a space. We want to see the work you put in goes forward well.

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You will appreciate how well we at ShoreAgents can assist you in handling your property management functions. We offer a full service dedicated to outsourcing property management services while ensuring you have full control over the hiring effort.

We can talk with you about your outsourcing needs today. You can also ask us about our rates for services. We offer some of the most affordable solutions for outsourcing. We start at USD $1000, so there are plenty of outsourcing solutions that will fit your budget

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