Virtual Real Estate Assistant Pricing

Real Estate Assistant Pricing

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It is frustrating to try and get a real estate assistant ready in your workplace. Hiring people for your real estate business can be frustrating, as you’d have to go around and look for various people who can assist you in your work. You would spend money on searching for people, interviewing and hiring them, and then in paying overhead and salary costs.

You only have so much money to use for your business. But it doesn’t have to be a burden if you think twice about how your funds will move. You can look at a solution that outsourcing your work needs. An outsourcing effort is essential for how it provides a way for you to make your business more functional and useful. Outsourcing is all about reducing costs, but it doesn’t entail making the service less effective.

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You have to look for people who are trustworthy and useful for your business. But they must also be ones you can afford. The services we offer at ShoreAgents can help you manage whatever forms of work you hold in your real estate business. Best of all, it works without having you spend more than what you can afford.

We understand that you have many tasks that you need assistance in covering. But it is never easy to get through all of those points. You might be unable to find workers who have the skills you desire. You might also waste your time trying to cover tasks that you don’t understand, let alone ones that you might not have the infrastructure to manage.

Fortunately, you can ask us at ShoreAgents to see how you can get the support you deserve. We will be here at ShoreAgents to check on what your business requires while fixing the problem well.

We offer many great solutions that are fitting for whatever needs you hold. We have talented experts who can assist you with everything from designing a website to communicating with your clients. We will provide all the unique solutions you hold without having you spend more money than necessary.

What It Costs For a Dedicated Assistant

One reason why you should consider a virtual real estate assistant is because a dedicated assistant might cost too much. You’d have to bear with many expenses surrounding how well your assistant can work for you.

Take a note of some of these factors:

Many dedicated assistants might charge you $20 or more per hour for their services. Some of the more experienced ones or others who have percise focus points for work might request $30 or more per hour.

There’s also the need to set up an office. You could spend $500 to $1,000 per month in getting an office space ready for an assistant.

The expenses associated with training may also be frustrating. The charges can vary, but you’d have to spend extra time and resources in trying to educate whoever works for you.

It is never easy to bear with these expenses. But the virtual real estate pricing you could find will be much less than what you might expect.

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HIW Monthly Yearly
Total Cost
58162.67 PHP
Total Cost*
1198.74 USD
*Based on current exchange rates.

Our Service Is More Effective

You will appreciate how the service we offer at ShoreAgents is more effective and useful than what you might expect. We will provide you with a great deal from our workers operating for less money on average.

At ShoreAgents, we hire and train people in here at our office in the Philippines. We contact people and employ them based on their skills and their abilities to work. We also provide the suitable training necessary for whatever tasks they wish to complete.

We also provide the office spaces and other features for work here. Every worker receives the proper items for the work at hand. These include features like proper computing materials, office room for documents, and all the other needs our workers require. We ensure everyone in the workplace has the items necessary for going forward with a project.

Take a look at some of the specific things we have available for our workers:

  • Our employees have dual-monitor PCs and desk spaces. The resources they have for work will cover all your tasks.
  • Everyone will be online and ready to respond at any time. We use more than ten online connections with speeds of 100Mbps or greater going both ways.
  • We use a biometrics security system to ensure our workers check in and out each day. We use this as a security feature to confirm that the right workers will be on hand to serve your needs.
  • Our staff receives various perks for work, including free travel and other rewards. Our service lets people feel welcome and ready for anything.
Virtual Real Estate Assistant
Do you want to see how outsourcing works?
A Sensible Rate

You’ll see that our rates are more affordable than what you might expect. You can expect to spend around $10 to $20 per hour for services from our virtual assistants. The total is substantially less than what you might expect to find elsewhere.

Our workers are available for less money, but they will provide you with the same results you would get out of something more expensive. We’ll see that you receive the help you deserve every time.

Flexibility Is Key

It’s also a necessity to see how important flexibility is in the work you put in. We have professionals who can work on whatever tasks you require. You have a full choice over what you will have run for your business. Regardless of what you opt to utilize, you’ll find it easy for you to hire the right workers while saving money in the effort.

Your review of our workers will entail a check on their skills and their competencies in various fields. You’ll also find out what it costs for services, which you will find are less than what you might expect. You can hire people for whatever tasks you need, not to mention the solutions are not as expensive as you might assume.

There’s no need to fear whether or not you’re going to find someone who can assist you with your work needs. You’ll always have the support you need for your work when you need it the most.

A Full-Time Staff

You will enjoy how we offer a complete full-time staff that works to your advantage. We find and train the best people who are interested in serving clients with all their unique needs.

You will have the full choice of experts when finding someone who can help you. We are the home of the Shore Super Agent, as we have agents who can work with Western clients and can manage tasks well. We train our employees in the fields of automation and processes. Our team focuses on being solution-minded, mainly based on the unique concerns and points that you might hold.

You Have Control

You will still have control over your workers even when you consider how low the real estate virtual assistant pricing points may appear. You will be capable of allocating tasks in the workplace to various people. You can also talk with your workers about any extra processes you want them to follow and how they will work.

Your goal will be to make your workers more productive. You can let them work on various tasks and routines in the workplace. The control you’ll have over these people ensures you’ll get more out of what they are aiming to do for you.

We Manage Payroll

You’ll also enjoy how well we can handle the payroll surrounding your workers. We will check on all the payroll standards and see how well people are functioning as necessary. We review everything from performance concerns to tardiness. We’ll see that the Philippines-based workers at our office can serve you as well as possible.

You never have to worry about whether or not our freelancers will be there to support your needs. The factor leads to our next point, which is about why our work is better than freelancing.

Better Than Freelancing

One of the most essential parts of our work entails how our services are more effective than what you might get out of a freelancer. While you could pay less money for a freelancer’s services, that does not mean that the worker is going to be more effective.

A freelancer could work for less than $10 an hour. But that person might not have the training necessary for the work at hand. That person might also not be available during the hours that you request that person’s help. What’s more is that the freelancer might ask for an outlandish amount of money later on.

Our virtual assistants at Shore Agents will work for sensible rates that they agree to utilize. We’ll also see that our agents receive the help they need for completing the work at hand.

You can also trust us to have people who will be available for your use during the proper working hours. We respect the needs and concerns that all of our workers hold as they’re aiming to manage various tasks. We’ll be there for all the unique needs our workers hold.

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Pricing Real Estate Assistant

The savings you will get when you ask us at ShoreAgents for help can be extensive. We know that you have a limited budget when managing your employee base. Hiring an offshore group like us provides you with more flexibility and control over how you’re going to handle your business.

The substantial savings you’ll experience out of your virtual real estate assistant pricing efforts will be worth noting. You’ll be excited as to how you will have more flexibility when working with your funds and handling your work in general.

The best part is that we don’t have contracts for services. You can contact us each month to adjust your plans for hiring our workers. We use a flexible approach to our service to ensure you have the support you deserve.

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You’ll appreciate how well virtual real estate assistant pricing works in comparison with more traditional solutions. You can ask us about our work here at ShoreAgents to see what works for your needs.

We serve clients in places throughout the world. You can contact us if you have a business in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. We serve all of these countries by providing our workers with the unique services they require for different purposes.

You can contact us at ShoreAgents to learn more about what works for your needs. We offer services starting at $1000 per month. Our services are more useful than anything you could imagine, so contact us to learn more about what we can do for your needs as you run your business.

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