Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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You’ve got lots of things on your plate when managing your commercial real estate property. You’ve got to bear with everything from promoting your property to getting in touch with tenants and finding new ones who can arrive. The work is frustrating, and there are often cases where you cannot handle it by yourself. But you might not have the funds necessary for hiring people.

It isn’t hard to get people out there to assist you when you outsource your work. You can reach us at ShoreAgents to support you with your commercial real estate property. We will provide you with a virtual assistant that fits your site’s needs and whatever demands you have for operational purposes.

Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant
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You’d be surprised as to what you will get out of a commercial real estate virtual assistant. Look at some of these positives you can get out of hiring someone for your work needs:

  • You’ll save time for other tasks you wish to complete. These points include time for some of the more complicated things that you might struggle to handle yourself.
  • You can also save money when you hire a VA. Today’s VAs work for less money than dedicated employees, not to mention you don’t have to bear with immense overhead costs.
  • It’s easier to build income in your commercial real estate business. In addition to saving money, you’re also bringing in more people through the leads and connections your VA can establish.
  • You can expand your business and work on more tasks. Whether it entails things you want to do or new skills your VA handles, you’ll have more tasks for your commercial real estate entity to complete.

All of these points and many others will make it easier for your business to grow. You will appreciate how well your commercial real estate virtual assistant can work for you.

Best of all, it’s not hard for you to find a VA who can assist you with your work requirements. You can ask us at ShoreAgents to help you find a VA that fits your work needs without breaking your budget.

General Services of Value

The Super Agents we offer at ShoreAgents are professionals who respect the needs you have surrounding your commercial property. We know that it’s never easy to run your business, but we’ll plan an effort for work that fits your business and can go far. Let’s look at some of the many services you can utilize when you hire us for your work needs.

What are some of the roles I can offshore?
Help For Marketing

Your commercial VA can assist you in the marketing process when running your business. You can hire someone to assist you in promoting your business and whatever commercial properties you wish to let out to renters.

Hiring a VA is useful if you’re trying to promote yourself, but you’re unable to hire a complete marketing team. A VA can facilitate many marketing projects, including for when you need to get out there on social media.

You can provide your VA with details on whatever commercial properties you’re trying to support. You can let your VA produce messages and promotional points with your images and other descriptions you’re trying to highlight. We at ShoreAgents will see that whoever you hire can work well for your project needs.

Among the unique marketing tools you can utilize through your commercial real estate VA include help for:

  • Producing physical media, including flyers and brochures
  • Email marketing plans
  • Designing a website
  • Promoting your site through social media
  • Managing SEO projects for search engine visibility
Establish a Campaign

One other part of marketing your VA can handle involves the establishment of a new campaign. Your campaign might entail something that entails unique messages and selling points for your property. These selling features can vary, but you should note them well.

A campaign can take a while, but it can create a useful brand image. You can talk with your VA about the image you wish to produce and how you’re going to convey those points. Your VA can then create a marketing effort through whatever you recommend. The VA’s plans will work based on your ideas and where you want to go with your work. It helps to see how well your routine works and what you can expect out of a project for the best results.

Reviewing Possible Tenants

You have to look at the tenants that you might take in at your property. You need to see that someone is safe to work with and is capable of paying off one’s rent.

Our work will check on tenants that might be interested in your work. We will monitor and review details on individual clients to see if they are suitable for your property. We’ll forward details on who you can contact for when you want to negotiate a deal or plan an interview or meeting with someone.

Handling Vendors

Every commercial property has to utilize the services of many vendors. These range from electric providers to plumbing groups and other utility workers.

We’ll check on the terms of your agreements with vendors and communicate with them to see how they can serve you. We’ll discuss points on how they are serving you and what they might charge. You will be reminded of when you can interact with those vendors and adjust any plans you’re trying to support.

We believe that your vendors are critical to how well your property functions. We’ll see that you have a positive relationship with each of these groups.

Data Mining Work

You have plenty of potential clients to reach. Your VA can help you with the data mining process in finding people who might be interested in renting out or investing in your commercial properties.

A VA can help you by communicating with many people and seeing what they might require for many purposes. Your VA will get in touch with them and see who wants to speak with you. That VA will then forward those people to you for negotiations when the time comes.

The thorough approach a VA provides to data mining is vital to your success. You’ll need to see how well the leads you receive work and that you’re getting in touch with them. The VA will take care of all the hard work and help you get in touch with those people sooner.

We also use the best materials when researching data surrounding how well other people might work for you. We use fast online connections and all the necessary computing tools for reviewing data. Part of this includes using dual-monitor computers and other high-tech items to see what is happening in your business.

Managing Software

Do you need to produce software when working on your commercial property? You might need software to help you in managing relationships with clients, reviewing finances, and other details surrounding what you work with. We offer a full service at ShoreAgents where we can develop programs for your business.

We’ll cover everything, including:

Commercial Real Estate VA
  • Front and back end development for your programs
  • User interface or UI design for your convenience
  • Full stack production for extended projects
  • Additional quality control and assurance setups for your use
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All the things that you can get out of your software can make a difference. The software you utilize can be critical for your success, so be sure to see how well whatever you are using works well.

You can let us know about the software needs you might have. You have to look at the software based on how well it runs and what makes the setup work. We at ShoreAgents will see what works for your plan demands.

An Efficient Approach

The VAs you will hire through us at ShoreAgents are people who understand what your business requires. We know that you have many needs for making more out of your commercial real estate. But you don’t want to outsource your work to any ordinary party.

That’s where the Super Agents at ShoreAgents come in handy. Our agents operate out of the Philippines in a dedicated office environment. They have the resources necessary for contacting leads and managing your work. Each person receives full training over what they can do to manage your real estate needs.

You’ll also find that our services are more affordable than you could expect. You will save money on overhead, training, and hiring costs when you work with us.

You’ll have full control over who works for you. You can review individual VAs we have in our office to note who you would prefer to hire. We’ll let you check on each VA to see what is open.

What are some of the roles I can offshore?

But the great news is that we at ShoreAgents will ensure your work is managed right. There’s no need to worry about whatever might happen when you hire us for your needs.

You’ll always have full contact with your VA. You can interview the VA at the start and then stay in touch with that person while working. The work ensures that you’ll be on the same page as the VA you hire. The reliability and effectiveness of having such a professional on hand is something you will appreciate.

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There’s always a need to see what you’re getting out of your commercial real estate property. You have to plan a marketing effort that makes your property more interesting. Being able to facilitate your tenants and vendors also helps. Our agents at ShoreAgents are open to help you note whatever might work for your business. The effort we provide is all about seeing that you have extra support for whatever works.

You will appreciate how well our commercial real estate virtual agents can work for you here at ShoreAgents. You can contact us today to learn about who is available and how we can assist you. Our services are available for as low as $1000 per month, which is a significant discount versus other options. You will enjoy the freedom of having more control over how well your real estate business runs, not to mention it will be easier for you to manage your work through our services.

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